July 28th 2015

The Most Popular Content On Sorrce.

It's been a few months. Let's review the content you love the most!

Sorrce has only been in existence for a few months but the response has been wonderful. Nothing is more fun than entertaining all of you with the awesome content provided through the app. This is a review of the most popular content thus far. In this post we'll highlight the most viewed, saved, and voted on content in the app.

Entry Types

Sorrce provides 7 different types of content. Here is the breakdown of % of content based upon type (hover):

Not surprisingly Cool and Funny have the most content on the app. Who doesn't like either of those?

Most Popular Content By Type

Now this is the fun stuff. We'll highlight the most popular content by category type.


Creepy Alien Phone Changer

Really.... gross?

Ant Teamwork

If you're a nature buff, this one is actually pretty neat!


Anything FailArmy related

Easily the most abudent and saved item on the app. No surprise there. Fail Army collects the most ridiculous videos which results in big laughs.

Anything Just For Laughs Gags related

The overseas comedy group has proven to be a hit time and time again.

DM Killer Clown Series

DM pranks tends to push the limits. Luckily they're in Europe and no one sues them. In the end, we benefit.

Drive Thru Pranks

One of many kinds of these pranks. This channel specializes in pranking people at drive thrus accross the country.


Brutal cat vs. human fight ends with knockout

How can your heart not melt with this one?

Anything lamb/goat related

Apparently when they are little these animals are total spazzes. Lucky for us, we get to watch them.

Anything that includes lots of animals coming out of something

Weather it's dogs stuffed in a bed, cats in a box, or sloths in a tree, you guys love animals in tight spaces.

Drunk girl leaves a fantastic voicemail to her new crush.

Our only non-animal highlight, this one touches on the more human side of things.


College friend scares very easily. His roommates made a "best of" scare compilation

Nothing says 'bros' like shower harassment. Ahhh college.

This.... strange volleyball exchange.

Sorrce - 3 clicks, crazy content

I'm sure many of your minds have run wild with this one.

The rest we cant put on here you sickos.... Go to the app for that.


The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained (Any GPGrey video).

GPGrey provides some of the most informative and insightful videos on YouTube, and you guys love them. This is the most popular of the bunch.

Which Came First - The Chicken or the Egg? (AsapSCIENCE)

AsapSCIENCE is also a hit. A great tool to learn little tid bits to spout off at your next party so that you'll seem smarter than all your friends.

Why is the Solar System Flat? (MinutePhysics)

Physics is hard. MinutePhysics makes it easy. All videos are encapsulated in a few short minutes covering a complex topic.

17 simple gifs that effectively explain how stuff works

Sorrce - 3 clicks, crazy content

Ever wondered how a zipper or piston engine works? Look no further.


How We Discovered The Dark Side Of Wearable Fitness Trackers

IFL Science tackles the dark side of fitness trackers.

McDonalds Employee Knocks Out Drunk Customer

I think this headline should suffice. LiveLeak always coming through with the weird s**t.


Why you need a dash cam

Terrifying example of why so many drivers all over the world are resorting to putting dashcams in their cars.

Random knockout at Warped Tour

When music festivals aren't all that fun after all.

As the app continues to grow we plan to continue to provide insightful analysis of the content we provide. We're only able to do this because users are actually using and interacting with Sorrce, which is very exciting.

We're looking forward to what the next series of crazy content features provides. Stay tuned!

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