12 Most Helpful Apps For College Students

Top helpful educational apps you need to survive in college
College may be hard, and even though it is more often associated with parties, trips, and freedom, in reality, you will also have to deal with lectures, projects, presentations, and writing papers. In the era of digitalization, all these things do not seem that scary: yes, you still have to spend lots of time on homework, but now you can facilitate this process with the help of educational apps or even separate services that can take all the job off your hands (for example, myperfectpaper writing agency or another one, recommended at essay pro reviews). From finding a date to learning German, students have hundreds of useful apps that may solve any college task.

Top apps to improve your academic performance

Whether you are a freshman, or you are graduating soon, you will definitely not mind getting some help from these educational apps:

1. Cam Scanner

Students have a lot of documents, notes, and other stuff they need to digitalize. Typing is a too long process, and now you have a faster option. The app is your portable scanner opened with a smartphone`s camera. You only need to do a pic and edit your document online;

2. Writing services

The most part of all college assignments takes writing papers. To cope with essays, term papers and researches, many students hire writing agencies that can be found at forums or in different reviews (for example, review or the services observed in 99papers review). Now almost every writing agency has an iOS/Android app, so you can always have a chat with your writer on the go using a smartphone;

3. Easy Bib

Keeping the topic of papers, if you are writing the one on your own, you will probably have some difficulties with references and citations. This app can resolve this problem as it can generate relevant citations, check it for plagiarism and even give suggestions;

4. TED

Creativity is one of the essential skills in college. When you are stuck with the lack of ideas for your projects, TED talks have lots of topics to offer and podcasts to discuss;

5. Grammarly

This is a necessary instrument for every student, even those who write perfectly. We are all humans and make mistakes, and one little typo can sometimes ruin the whole impression. Check your grammar easily with this free app;

6. Duolingo

This is one of the top recommendations for those who struggle with learning a foreign language. The app is convenient, has lessons, a built-in dictionary and reminders for studying;

7. Cliffs Notes

We don`t recommend using this app as a proof that you have read the book, as your professor will easily guess, but if you want to remind yourself a chapter, you can always read its brief summary in the app;

8. Brainscape

This option is perfect for improving your learning skills. You use flashcards t study the subject or several ones at the same time in a more enjoyable way;

9. My Study Life

This app is used for college management: you can keep your schedule, create a to-do list, tick off done tasks and plan your week or month;

10. Flipd

If you have problems with focus and can`t spend a minute without checking your social networks, this app is for you. You can just lock it with the app for an hour or so and concentrate on your studies without distractions;

11. Wally

This app is not educational but will be quite helpful in college. Using it, you can keep track of your money, watch expenses, bills and manage them the right way;

12. Google

It offers a variety of options, from calendar scheduled meetings to Google Drive for keeping and sharing your information. Check all the options and start making use of them to stay more organized in college.